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A Letter from our Artistic Director

As we launch our third season since the covid shutdown, I want to reflect on the incredible artists who perform for us. They are each brilliant and passionate individuals with unique approaches to music and life.

Performing is a brave act that requires making oneself vulnerable and subject to the judgment of others. As a performer, it’s an incredible feeling to connect with one’s audience and an equally awful feeling when a concert goes poorly. There are no nights off for touring performers when we feel a little under the weather or aren’t in the mood.  


Many of our performers have the ability to pursue more lucrative professions and yet dedicate themselves to being artists and spending nights and weekends in concert halls. They spend months and months of their lives on the road and brave injuries and difficult travel situations to share their work with us.


When I speak to fellow touring musicians and ask them - “why?!” - they invariably describe a feeling of intense love and devotion to music.


The experience of wrestling with great music, and oneself, day after day creates the opportunity to grow and to share both the life experience and joy it brings with others. I know from my own experience that it is a maddening and exhilarating lifestyle full of myriad subjective rewards.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our performers, honor them, and invite you to enjoy their gifts during our upcoming season.

Tom Stone, violinist
Artistic Director
Eureka Chamber Music Series

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