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ECMS Mission

The mission of ECMS is to bring a diverse offering of world-class live chamber music to the North Coast.  

History of ECMS | 28 Years and Counting!

Both of them music lovers, Pearl and Bob Micheli moved to Eureka in the early 1990's. Pearl is a conservatory-trained pianist and voice teacher and Bob was an excellent amateur violinist. Both had contacts in the professional music world and soon they were bringing chamber music to Eureka. 
Starting with folding chairs in the confined space of the Eureka Women's Club, then moving to the ideal acoustic setting of Calvary Lutheran Church, Pearl programmed 5 to 7 concerts per season: quartets, trios, pianists, solo violinists, cellists, the occasional clarinetist and, of course, the Adler fellows from the San Francisco Opera.
For nearly thirty years, Humboldters have been blessed by Bob and Pearl's industry and generosity. For us to be able to experience music at this level in our little town is an amazing aesthetic experience. We hope to continue what the Michelis brought us for a long time to come. 
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Pearl A. Micheli
Bob Micheli
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